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General news about what's been happening in the society. Check this page regularly to keep up to date with the societies progress.

 Clywd Vintage 2010
Photographs from Clywd Vintage 2010 are now available to view in the gallery

Posted 12:19:04, 21 June 2010, by Sion

 Oswestry show 2008
Photographs from Oswestry show 2008 are now available to view in the gallery

Posted 18:36:30, 18 August 2008, by Sion

 5" gauge Hunslet boiler
The club is interested in buying a 5" gauge Hunslet boiler, if anyone has one for sale please contact us.

Posted 16:07:13, 01 March 2008, by Glyn

 Oswestry Show Photos
Photographs from Oswestry show 2007 are now available to view in the gallery

Posted 20:43:50, 06 August 2007, by Sion

 Spring Rally
The weekend of the Spring Rally started with the arrival of the campers on Friday 18th May 2007. The rain of the proceeding days had cleared giving a clear blue sky during the afternoon and evening, The site was generally brushed up and the barbeque unit and marquee in place ready for the off.

Saturday morning soon came round but the weather had changed again with a few heavy showers to hinder the proceedings. However this did not deter the faithful as the locomotives were soon into the steaming bays and awaiting a break in the clouds. Fortunately we did not have to wait very long and by mid morning with weatherproofs in place the hardy ventured out of the clubhouse to start preparing their locomotives.

First onto the track was John Walker from the Birmingham SME with his Maroon coloured Midland Single ‘Princess of Wales’, what a fine looking engine. John took to the track very sure footed considering the wetness of the steel rail and continued to run effortlessly for quite a period until tiredness of the limbs took him off. At this point John offered me the chance to drive his locomotive and I must say that I was very pleased with the way she handled the track notched back to about 50% cut-off.

Next onto the track was D Mayall from Bracknell R S with his 3½” gauge Derby 4F, another locomotive well presented in its black BR livery. The 4F in 3½” gauge lapped the track with ease with two adult passengers in toe.

Another locomotive to enter the track was Brian Andrews’ 5” gauge Simplex ‘Will Scarlet’ from the Leeds SME in its green livery.

With the dampness of the morning now behind us the rails were starting to dry up and Matthew Higgins from the local club took his Class 37 onto the main line, followed by Brian Remnant from Romney Marsh MES with his modified Sweet Pea ‘Lady Margaret’. Brian not a newcomer to the track, as he had previously entered the first Narrow Gauge Efficiency Trial in 1998 when he came second. (It is believed that Brian will be back for the tenth event, competing for the new trophy).

From Tiverton and District MES, F W Stubbs brought along his 5” gauge ‘Lion’. The ‘Lion’ not a very common locomotive project seen at tracks and exhibitions but has a strong following. This model provided its owner some headaches over the weekend culminating with a burnt supperheater. Hopefully its carer will soon put thing right again and enjoy more steaming.

Another locomotive from the Leeds SME was an American 4-4-0 in 5” gauge; this locomotive like all the others on display was beautifully presented and was driven by its owner T Wall.

During the afternoon, ‘Connie’ a 3½” gauge locomotive was put into steam and driven by F Mayall from Bracknell R S. This locomotive, a Martin Evans ‘Conway’ design was put through its paces, and like others built to this design performed well.

On the Saturday evening while Oswald and Volunteer, two Sweet Pea locomotives from the Host Society were put into steam, those who had camped at The Show Ground, along with Society members brought along their own tasty bits for cooking on the Barbeque. The evening run and barbeque continued until dusk when all retired after a pleasant day.

Finally, it was such a disappointment that more member societies could not make the time to visit or to take part in the event.

On behalf of the Society may I thank the wives who ran the catering unit for their support during this event, also the members of the Affiliated Societies of the Federation and the Southern Federation Committee Members who supported the Spring Rally at the track of Oswestry Model Engineering Society.

Posted 18:36:18, 25 May 2007, by Glyn

 Loop second phase
During the autumn and winter months the members continued with the second phase of the loop. Many hours were spent on digging holes and concreting the stanchions that support the track fabrications, as well as consuming a few cups of tea and coffee.

Over the Christmas and New Year break, more fabrication was completed i.e. track supports and turnouts. The Project was now well on target and wooden battens were soon fixed to the steel fabrication in order that small wooden sleepers could be attached.

After more refreshments and deliberation, more steel was purchased and rolled to form the remainder of the track. All was now in place for the final fabrication and a long-range weather forecast for a Saturday / Sunday was required before hiring a key start genywelder.

With only two weekends available between regional AGMs, the weekend of March 17th/18th was earmarked for welding (oops Mother’s Day). The green light was given and the genywelder was hired for the weekend, and a reasonable forecast was given for the weather until late Sunday with a prediction of snow.

Saturday started well and by close of play, a large percentage of the fabrication was completed and the main line was again open for traffic.
On the Sunday further progress was made even though the temperature had dropped and more tea and coffee was consumed to keep warm in between the showers of hailstones. After lunch the weather got worse as the hailstones turned to snow flurries but the welding was completed between the showers.

By late afternoon all had been completed – well done to all the members that have contributed their time and effort during the last 12 months.

Posted 19:11:09, 23 March 2007, by Glyn

 Oswestry Show
Saturday 5th August began around 9am with the Society’s Sweet Pea and another Pea aptly named Volunteer, having been completed by volunteers, arriving in the Steaming Bay. By 9:30am more members and locomotives were arriving, with two Class 08s, a Class 37 and an LNER 2-8-0 ROD lining up in the steaming bay.

By 10:00am the public were quietly arriving at the show even though the weather was damp, quite a difference from a few weeks ago, when the hot weather was causing some concern to the operation of the new loop and turnout.

The Class 37 was up for the task and was steadily taking the first passengers of the day on a tour of our track, followed by one of the Class 08 and the two Sweet Peas which had been rostered for steaming during the first part of the morning were blowing off and available for passenger haulage. By now visiting locomotives from our neighbouring Societies of Wrexham, Warrington and Mid Wales were arriving and what a display, with an LMS Royal Scott, Glen, LNER B1 and two GWR Manors; which had been rostered to run during the busier afternoon period, with three locomotives on the track at once.
As each locomotive completed its rostered period, the exchange of locomotives from steaming bay to main line and vice versa proved to be slicker. I’m sure that the members were quietly satisfied with their efforts and contemplating the completion of the loop during the autumn to allow entry and exit into the loop for next year.

The afternoon rush was now reducing when another of the Society’s locomotives moved onto the main line and continued with its task for the duration of the Show. This being an LNER 2 – 8 - 0 in true reproduction of the heavy freight locomotives of that period.

With all the visiting locomotives now back in the steaming bay for disposal and cleaning ready for the journey home, the Society Sweet Peas went back onto the track double heading with a rake of passenger cars. But once they got on the main line you could not get them off!

We all had a good day with everything put away by 8pm.

Well done to all and many thanks.

Posted 19:49:02, 15 August 2006, by Glyn

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Clywd Vintage 2010 by Sion
Oswestry show 2008 by Sion
5" gauge Hunslet boiler by Glyn
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